Soon you will march. 

Write to Congress now.

March for Science is partnering with Herd on the Hill to hand-deliver letters to your Members of Congress in coordination with the march.

See the sample letter below and write your letter to Congress now!

Sample Letter to Congress about Science

My name is [your name]. I live in [your town] and I am a constituent of [your representative/policymaker].


I am writing to ask you to SUPPORT [name of relevant measures or scientific issue].

In order to build strong and healthy communities in [your state and/or country] we must use our best-available knowledge and the scientific consensus to make policy decisions. Therefore, we have to support scientific research and scientists in order for good policymaking to be possible.

I urge you to support [this measure or issue] because it will help scientists and scientific research better serve your constituents and our communities.  

[Give an example of how this policy will help you and your community, or how good science policy has helped your community in the past.  Tell your story.]

Please stand with me in supporting policy that makes good science possible, and takes advantage of good science to make decisions that affect all of us. Thank you!

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Volunteers advocate on your behalf with congressional office staff


It's a simple process; you only need to do Step #1!

Herd on the Hill is a volunteer-run organization in the District of Columbia, whose volunteers, many of whom are DC residents, have no voting representation in Congress. Our mission is to elevate constituent issues with Congress through hand-delivery of letters, advocacy with congressional staff, and facilitating communication between constituents and their Members of Congress.

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